The artist holding Support System, 2021, 70'' x 45'', acrylic paint, aerosol paint, dye on canvas 

About  The Artist

My artworks are a depiction and expression through the process of distressing. This idea takes the forms of manipulated canvases which I seek to expand the practice of painting. Each artwork is multiple expressions within itself and a spectacle of past actions enacted by myself.  Building layers of various wet media onto the canvas I splatter, spill, dye, tear, fray the material. These canvases hang wall to floor creating organic, formless, unfurled, open-ended, shape-shifting objects. The marks I create are circumstance with inheritances of woes through their occupation in this time. A cadence is created while distressing the canvas, the struggle continues. Tearing my paintings has become an experience that is a protest and a process through abstraction. 

VAUGHN DAVIS, JR. lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri. Vaughn Davis, Jr. received his BFA with Departmental Honors in Sculpture from Webster University in St. Louis. His work has been exhibited at Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis, MO, Malin Gallery, New York, NY, The Luminary St. Louis, MO, MO, Gazebo Gallery, Kent, OH; among others. He has had solo exhibitions at Romer Young Gallery San Francisco, CA, Dragon Crab & Turtle St. Louis, MO, Monaco Gallery, St. Louis, MO

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